What happens if I miss a class?

You can make up 2 missed classes per semester. Please schedule all make-ups online in advance and be sure to sign-in when you arrive.  Additionally, if you are unable to make it to a scheduled make-up, please cancel your make-up online so that we may release your spot.

Make-up classes cannot be carried over to another semester and are not transferable to another family. Make-ups cannot be guaranteed and are available on a first come, first served basis.  (View our Health Guidelines & Make-up Policy Guidelines here).

What if my child has a runny nose or had a fever?

If your child isn’t feeling well and you think he/she may be contagious, please keep them home. A runny nose with mucus that is not clear or a fever within 24 hours before class is a sign that your child is contagious. Please respect the health of the other families in your class by not exposing them. You can do two makeups, instructions above.  (View our Health Guidelines & Make-up Policy Guidelines here).

Can I add a sibling after the session starts?

We do our best to prevent over-crowding of our classes and cap our class enrollment at a maximum of 14 children. Provided we have the space to add an additional child, we are happy to do so.  However, if the class you are registered in is at it’s maximum enrollment we may ask you to switch class times to accommodate an additional sibling.

Can I bring a sibling to class?

Unless the sibling is registered for the whole session, we regret that we cannot accommodate unregistered siblings. We balance our enrollments very carefully to avoid overcrowding in our classrooms and to ensure the best learning environment for our families we cannot allow drop-in sibling visits.





Can I bring an unregistered sibling to a make-up class?

We are unable to accommodate sibling visits at make-up classes. Our make-up spots are limited and need to be reserved for our registered students.

Can I bring a local friend with me to check out the class?

Friends & family drop-in visits are reserved for out-of-town guests only.  If you’d like to refer local friends to check out Ladybug, they can either attend our free demos between the sessions or schedule a mid-session preview based on class availability.  Please ask them to contact us directly for more information.  (View our Friends & Family Policy here).

Can I bring Grandma/Grandpa, Auntie or Uncle to class?

We ask that adult participation is limited to two adults per child.  If you have family visiting and Grandma would like to join you in class, she is welcome to attend as one of those adults. If you want to bring a family member in addition to both parents, we will accommodate if space permits, but ask that you please check-in with us first.  (View our Friends & Family Policy here).

Please contact:

Can I change my class time once the session starts?

We understand that schedules, and nap times, can change and we always do our best to accommodate requests for class changes as they happen.  Provided there is an opening in the class you would like to move into, we are happy to make a change.  However, we regret that we are unable to process mid-session changes into full classes.  (View our Schedule Changes & Cancellations FAQ here).

Is it OK for me to take pictures in class?

Ladybug Music classes are a fun and relaxed place to be and we understand that you want to capture your child in action from time to time. Current technology makes it very easy to take a picture or video and we appreciate you wanting to record the moment! However, you are your child’s best teacher and they look to you to learn how to respond to the class environment; if you’re spending too much time behind a camera, they are likely to be distracted and will not be engaged by the music and curriculum. We prefer that you leave your cameras/phones with your personal belongings off the mat during class, but should you decide to take a quick picture in class, we have put together some Video/Photo Guidelines to help you, and the Ladybug community, get the most out the Ladybug Music classes!  (View our Photography & Video Policy here).

What happens if I need to cancel the semester?

You can cancel your registration before the following dates. You will be charged a $25 cancellation fee and refunded the rest of your tuition. Please review the following refund cut-off dates:

     OR CREDITS after Sunday, JANUARY 14th, 2018


Do you offer Refunds or Credits?


     OR CREDITS after Sunday, JANUARY 14th, 2018


Your spot in class has been sold and cannot necessarily be resold. Many classes are full and people have been turned away when the spot is booked.

Class cancellation

Please note that classes may be cancelled due to low enrollment.

If you have any additional questions after reading through our FAQs , please contact us at Office@LadybugMusic.com.